Volunteer Roles

Our troop has a great wealth of talented parents and other volunteers who helps us deliver an outstanding experience for scouts and their families.

Each family is required to perform a volunteer job as part of their membership in Troop 149.  We do our best to match people with jobs they prefer, but we can't guarantee that outcome. We update the assignments quarterly as new events or programs are added or dropped from the troop calendar.

If you have questions or suggestions about volunteering with Troop 149, please contact the Troop at troop149.arlva@gmail.com 

Leaders and Troop Committee (Year-round Volunteer Roles)

Scoutmaster: Chris V.

Assistant Scoutmasters:

Assistant Scoutmasters Emeritus (sons have aged out):

Troop Committee Chair: Ron B.

Chartered Organization Representative: Brian K.

Volunteer Coordinator: Caroline H.

Treasurer: Pete P.

Membership Coordinator: Heather M.


Training Coordinator: (POSITION AVAILABLE)

Advancement Lead: Jim M.

Other Volunteer Roles (Beyond the Troop Committee)

Eagle Scout Project Coach: Mike P.

Recruitment Lead: Kristin W.


Heather B. - Leaf Raking

Jillene B. - Family Friends of Scouting

Board of Review Coordinator: Jim M.

Troop Advancement Record keeper: Karen M.

Hospitality for Courts of Honor: (POSITION AVAILABLE)

Merit Badge Counselor Liaison: (POSITION AVAILABLE)