Online Advancement Resources

This page will host resources for scouts to advance online.

Online advancement process

  1. Read the page in your scout handbook or watch the video below that covers the requirement you would like to achieve.
  2. Demonstrate your understanding of the requirement in one of the following ways:
    • Discord: Join the Troop 149 Discord Server (linked here), then ask for an older scout's help in one of the text channels. Once you have found one, you may join a voice call with them to demonstrate your understanding. A parent must be in the call with you for safety reasons.
      Here is a video
       from Kendrick T on an intro to Discord!
    • Form: Click here to access the form. Fill out the fields as labelled, and attach video of you completing the requirement. A parent must consent to you being recorded in the video. The video will be deleted after confirmation that the requirement has been completed.


First Class First Aid Requirements 7a-7f

By Will G

October 2020 Court of Honor

First Class requirement 7e (by Troop Guide Lex G)

"Develop an emergency action plan for your home that includes what to do in case of fire, storm, power outage, and water outage"

Tenderfoot Requirement 5b
"Describe what to do if you become lost on a hike or campout."

Tenderfoot Requirement 4d
"Assemble a personal first-aid kit to carry with you on future campouts and hikes. Tell how each item in the kit would be used."

Second Class Requirement 9
"Explain the three R’s of personal safety and protection."

Troop 149 Meeting structure, and Scout Basic Essentials (by David G.)