Boards of Review (BORs)

The last step for a scout to advance in rank is a "Board of Review" (BOR) -- a brief meeting in which a Scout discusses his rank advancement with 3 adults from the Troop. Boards of Review are generally held monthly on a Monday night. They can be found on the Troop calendar. Scouts can sign themselves up for a BOR session by using the SignUp Genius link found on BOR announcement posts. These will be posted under the "Event & News" tab a few weeks before each BOR.

  1. A Scout must complete a Scoutmaster Conference for the rank they are advancing to before they can sign up for a BOR
  2. A Scout, not their parent, must sign up for a BOR.  Scouts — this is your responsibility
  3. In the sign up, a Scout must enter the following:
    1. First name, last initial
    2. Rank advancing to
    3. Date of Scoutmaster Conference.  Be sure to get the scoutmaster's signature in your Scout book at your conference; we won't conduct the BOR without it.

For EAGLE BOR, there are special requirements and it takes some time to organize — speak to the Scoutmaster early about this.

For Scouts:

For adults who serve on BORs:

See a guide for Boards of Review. It explains the purpose of these sessions, what types of questions to ask, etc.

Duties of the BOR chairperson